Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas By Julia Rawlinson

Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas By Julia Rawlinson 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas
Julia Rawlinson
Greenwillow Books (2010)
ISBN 9780061990335
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (07/10)

Fletcher the fox is getting ready for Christmas. He soon realizes that his friends the rabbits have moved to a new burrow and worries Santa will not know where to find them. He has an idea to help Santa find his friends! Fletcher sets out to gather sticks and make arrows showing the way. Soon all of their other animal friends start to help as each of them run into Fletcher. That night, while they are having their Christmas Eve party, it snows! Fletcher and all the other animal friends are worried as the snow has covered their path. They resolve to solve the new problem by staying awake all night and each animal pointing Santa to the correct direction of the rabbits’ new burrow. Will they stay awake? Will Santa find the rabbits’ new home? The animals learn that the best part of Christmas is being together!

Madison: “The bunnies moved. All of the friends in the neighborhood were worried Santa wouldn’t find them. Fletcher the fox picked up sticks to make arrows and show the way. The squirrels, the birds, and mice helped. They had a party at the bunnies’ new home! It snowed! It covered all the grass and the arrows. Santa found the bunnies even though every friend fell asleep. They were happy being together. My favorite part was the snow because I love the snow. I‘m glad Santa found the bunnies so they could get presents. The animals were all very nice.”

Mom: This book made me want to drink a cup of hot cocoa. Fletcher and his friends were very considerate of their friends. They did not think of themselves first, but of others. The story was cute with a good moral that displayed the Christmas spirit. I really enjoyed reading this to the girls and would recommend it to family and friends. The illustrations accurately portray what the story is trying to tell, along with the seasons and the weather. “Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas” was a delight to read.


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