Five Days of the Ghost By William Bell

Five Days of the Ghost By William Bell 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Five Days of the Ghost
William Bell
Fitzhenry and Whiteside (2010)
ISBN 9781554551521
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 9) for Reader Views (10/10)

From hard knocking to weird laughing, you will enjoy this book just as much as I did. This book is about a girl named Karen. In the middle of the night Karen hears strange noises like banging on her bedroom door and weird laughing. Her brother John also can hear the noises, but the strange thing is that their parents can never hear it!

They know someone named Noah who knows all about ghosts. So, they go over to his house and get some advice. When they come back to Karen’s house, John and Noah do some research at the library.

The next day they set up cameras and voice recorders. When they get some footage, Karen’s mind freezes and then she runs upstairs and goes into her Dad’s study, grabs the paper, runs into her room and turns the light on. Noah and John race up the stairs into Karen’s room. Karen holds up the paper in the mirror and says, “John, John, the ghost is Kenny!” Kenny is Karen’s twin brother who died two years ago and they have never stopped thinking about him. Now the friends have to find something or someone to communicate with Kenny. What they find may surprise you!

I really liked this book because I am into ghosts and scary books like this one. I think kids my age (9) and older would like to read “Five Days of the Ghost.”


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