Fish & Sphinx (MiddleGate Series) by Rae Bridgman

Fish & Sphinx (MiddleGate Series) by Rae Bridgman 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Fish & Sphinx (MiddleGate Series)
Rae Bridgman
Great Plains Publications (2008)
ISBN 9781894283816
Reviewed by Dylan James (age 12) for Reader Views (2/09)


Sophie and Wil are confused.  What was Catfysh trying to tell them?  Was the magical creature trying to save them or condemn them?  Sophie and Wil race to find the answer before the serpent’s chain is up to more evil. Sphinxes, lions, and even Medusa come to life to help them with their adventure!

“Fish & Sphinx” was great to me; it helped that I had the fortune to read and review the previous book, “Amber Ambrosia.” This book fills in details in case the reader has not read the previous book before, but all “Fish & Sphinx” needs is a little less dependence on the previous novel to be open to a larger group of readers. Individuals 10-12 years-old will enjoy this book the most, partly because they can relate to the comical school issues that Wil and Sophie face. There is absolutely nothing in here that even a 6-year-old couldn’t read, but 10-12 year olds will like it much more. Both boys and girls will like this equally, mainly because the two main characters are brother and sister, so readers will experience both boy and girl point of views.

This book had me interested all the way through it, capturing my interest with unique ideas such as fish sphinxes, mythical creatures, and new personalities. “Fish & Sphinx” by Rae Bridgman will interest readers mainly because of the ideas and the strange world that the activities take place in.

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