First Night by Tom Weston

First Night by Tom Weston 150 150 Reader Views Kids

First Night
Tom Weston
Tom Weston Media (2008)
ISBN 9780981941301
Reviewed by Neha N. Kashmiri (age 14) for Reader Views (3/09)


In Boston, in 1688, Sarah Pemberton dies of smallpox. More than 300 years later, her ghost wakes up in a world that she can’t understand. Luckily, she runs into (or through, actually) Alex and Jackie O’Rourke, two San Diego girls stuck in the cold city for the New Year.

Apparently, everyone can see and hear Sarah and assume that she is a colonial re-enactor. After Alex and Jackie show Sarah around, they find out that Sarah is looking for an advocate to defend her in a witch trial where the accusers are the ones closest to her. Jackie, always impulsive, agrees to defend Sarah; as soon as she does both the sisters find they are wrapped up in a mystery that is not so easy to solve. Can they save the 17th century ghost from damnation? Or, more importantly can they save her from herself?

Tom Weston is really good with providing information, while still keeping track of a good storyline. Basically, “First Night” is a sort of paranormal mystery with a lot of history thrown in. If you like reading about the Salem Witch Trials, this is a good book with tons of information.


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