First Electronics: Lights, Wires, and Wheels! (SmartLab)
Luann Colombo and Conn McQuinn
SmartLab (2005)
ISBN 9780974848662
Reviewed by Keith James (age 11) for Reader Views (4/09)


The “First Electronics” kit by SmartLab comes with a book and ten experiments.  The book is called “Lights, Wires, and Wheels!”

“Lights, Wires, and Wheels!” gives you lots of information about electricity.  It gives you detailed information about wires and how they connect.  It also tells you about conductors, insulators, electrons, switches and electromagnets.

One of the experiments that they tell you to do makes a light bulb light up.  Another one of the experiments is making a fan spin around.   It is so cool because you get to make your own circuits and it is so easy!

Overall, I think that this kit, “First Electronics” by SmartLab is great.  My favorite part of this kit is the fan because you get to put different types of tops on the fan.

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