“Fire Horse” by Kimberley D. Tait

“Fire Horse” by Kimberley D. Tait 663 1024 Reader Views Kids

Fire Horse

Kimberley D. Tait
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 978-1738090457
Reviewed by Kathy Stickles for Reader Views (01/2024)

Fire Horse” is book two in the Circ de Tarot Series by Kimberley Tait and, while book one, “Vandemere,” was an amazing story I think this author has written an even better book with this conclusion to the series. With the same amazing skill at writing and the wonderful characters she creates, Kimberley Tait has given us a continued look into the main character’s life. We are able to continue watching as Vandy grows and deals with his past and his demons, not to mention the magic he inherited from his mother.

In the first book of the series the main character, Vandy Petruska, attempts to deal with the tarot magic, the ability to see into the minds of man and animal that has been passed to him from his mother. In “Vandemere” Vandy attempted to deny the ability he inherited but soon found that this was not possible. He also learned that when his ancestors came to America, they also brought along an evil that has selected Vandy to seek revenge through as it tries very hard to end his life.

In “Fire Horse,” Vandy is recovering from an accident and trying to deal with his grief as he loses his mother to cancer. He is forced to take a trip to Arizona to deliver his mother’s ashes to the one person he never wanted to see again…the father who abandoned him and his mother years ago. During the trip, Vandy learns a lot about the evil that is trying to destroy him as well as learning a lot about his past, his father, and making impossible choices in order to survive. I should make note here that as with book one, this story contains some dark subjects such as violence and abuse that may be a trigger for anyone sensitive to such topics.

Kimberley Tait hit another home run with this book. As with the first story, “FireHorse” is beautifully written and will keep the reader mesmerized from the first to the last page. Vandy is such an incredible and very well-developed character, and you cannot help but be completely involved in his life, both the good and the bad parts, throughout the book.

In addition, all the supporting characters, some old friends from the first book as well as new ones he meets during his trip, are well-written and very important parts of the story. Each one is there for a reason that makes complete sense to the overall story, and they are all fabulous. The setting, this time in rural Arizona in the 1930s, is wonderfully researched and perfectly drawn for us through the author’s fabulous writing skills.

“Fire Horse” is an incredible end to the two-book Circ de Tarot Series and I highly recommend it to everyone. It draws you into the story of this young man’s life and gives readers a true sense of completion at the end. It is as heart-warming as it is terrifying as the characters face off against a supernatural evil that they still do not fully understand. I loved every moment of it. Kimberley D. Tait has become a new favorite writer of mine, and I am anxious to see what she comes up with next. I am sure that you will feel the same way. 5 Stars!!

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