Finding My Molly by Peggy Krause

Finding My Molly by Peggy Krause 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Finding My Molly
Peggy Krause
AuthorHouse (2007)
ISBN 9781434342799
Reviewed by Sophia (age 7) and Madeline (age 8) for Reader Views (10/09)


Madeline:  This is a story about a cat named Soupy and his friends Puff Puff, Spider Man, Lila, and Lola. Soupy’s owner Molly thinks that Soupy is the handsomest cat in the world! When Soupy goes outside a hideous beast (a dog) starts chasing Soupy. When the beast stopped chasing Soupy, then Soupy realized that he was lost. Later it starts to rain and Soupy finds a hollowed- out log to live in till he can find his Molly. The next day Soupy meets a girl cat named Princess. Soupy goes back to his log and goes to sleep. The next day Soupy finds a little, orphaned kitten in the forest. Then he names him Ferdinand. Soupy is staying busy while he is lost, but Molly is very worried about her missing cat. She puts up signs and goes to people’s houses asking if they have seen Soupy.

My favorite part of the story is when Soupy discovers that his little Ferdinand is really a raccoon! I think many kids would like this book because it is funny, silly and has a happy ending.

Sophia:  This is a funny and silly story with a happy ending. The story begins when Soupy gets lost. Molly was very sad when he got lost. Soupy searched the park and asked other animals if they had seen “his Molly.” Molly put up signs with pictures of Soupy and her phone number. But, no one had seen him except for Princess, a cat he met in his neighborhood. Soupy told Princess that Molly was the most precious, beautiful girl in the world. Princess didn’t know she saw Molly, because the little girl she saw had grape jelly on her cheeks and her hair was all freaky. She thought these could not be the same girls.

The funniest part of “Finding My Molly” by Peggy Krause is when Princess first meets Soupy and she thinks his name is Poopy! I liked this book, because it was cute and full of animals. I don’t like this book, I love it!

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