“Ferren and the Doomsday Mission” by Richard Harland

“Ferren and the Doomsday Mission” by Richard Harland 685 1000 Reader Views Kids

Ferren and the Doomsday Mission 

Richard Harland
IFWG Publishing International (2024)
ISBN: 978-1922856586
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (03/2024)

Intimate in detail and captivating in scope, “Ferren and the Doomsday Mission” is a teen/young adult fantasy novel, and book two in The Ferren Trilogy written by Richard Harland. The Earth now lies desolate as a result of a devastating war in Heaven set off by doctors who had a special interest in this realm. These doctors are annihilated in the great battle that takes place in the Home Ground, but their descendants carry on their ruthless work with the help of the Humen, a horde of artificially created army. Now, the rash and irrational Doctor Saniette, has gained control over Bankstown Camp, intending to carry out his devious plans.

Miriael, on the other hand, is a fallen angel, the former Fourteenth Angel of Observance, having been banished from Heaven after eating Residual food. Her only friend, Ferren, is a young tribesman, whose sister had been marched to her death by the Humen army. The two are on a mission to recruit more tribes into the Residual Alliance to join their cause in defeating this enormous army. However, Miriael’s dedication to this mission is sidetracked when Asmodai, an angel from Heaven, appears to her, offering her a chance to go back to Heaven, one of her greatest desires. The stakes are high, and much is in jeopardy. Any wrong move will have dire consequences for many people.

Atmospheric settings and intelligently plotted cinematic action scenes set this novel apart from many of its genre. This fast-paced tale has a lot going on; developing friendships, betrayals, unplanned alliances, and an adrenalizing adventure at its core. The twists and turns that readers will not see coming will entertain even the most jaded fantasy reader. Author Harland does an impressive job in this second installment of The Ferren Trilogy. Its satisfying conclusion will appeal to many fantasy enthusiasts, with its decisive climax and clear-cut dialogue that serves to fill in the unanswered questions that any reader might have.

Richard Harland’s writing is lush with mythology about angels, the Earth, and Heaven, along with fantastical elements, both in equal measure, and a dichotomy that makes the novel compelling and binge-worthy. The characters are finely wrought, and the protagonists are not drawn as near-perfect creatures, but rather flawed beings with unique temperaments based on their experiences. “Ferren and the Doomsday Mission” is a riveting novel in terms of scope, imagination, and originality. I look forward to reading the next book in The Ferren Trilogy.

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