“Feathered Friends” by Madelyn A. Lee

“Feathered Friends” by Madelyn A. Lee 1024 829 Reader Views Kids

Feathered Friends 

Madelyn A. Lee
Early Light Press (2023)
ISBN: 978-0979917929
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning and Lydia (age 9) for Reader Views (12/2023)

“Feathered Friends” by Madelyn A. Lee is the story of two bird friends, Goose and Sparrow. Sparrow wants to make new friends, so Goose introduces many species of birds for Sparrow to meet and become friends with. Fifteen new birds say hi to Sparrow, followed by a fun fact about themselves; more fun facts are included at the end of the book, too. Each species is unique, whether it’s because of feather coloring, environment, size, diet, or general appearance. After introductions, Sparrow appreciates the knowledge gained of birds near and far, and friends alike and different.

“Feathered Friends” extends knowledge for readers of all ages. Various opinions show that birds may be exciting or boring; however, Madelyn A. Lee makes birds more enjoyable for readers of any age through short and rhyming sentences that say just enough to pique the reader’s interest without overloading them with information. The illustrations are simple and calming, allowing the reader a seamless experience. The information provided is multi-purposeful; the collection could read as a fiction and non-fiction story, or the additional facts presented in the back of the book could be beneficial as the beginning of a school paper, oral report, trivia during game night, or to amaze family and friends.  

Note from Lydia (age 9): Beginning “Feathered Friends,” I wasn’t sure what to expect – if it would be a story or just information and facts. The book contains both; I can relate to Sparrow as he wants to make friends and has to learn about other birds he’s not used to, and the information about each bird is short enough that I didn’t get bored but found some facts interesting that I hope to remember. The birds talked about are some more commonly known, and others I don’t hear about too often. The ones I was familiar with include the pheasant, woodpecker, albatross, pelican, flamingo, and toucan, to name a few; the ones I didn’t know are the frigatebird, kingfisher, magpie, and whooping crane. “Feathered Friends” contains information I can use for a long time, depending on who I am around.  

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