Fashion Studio: Lights Camera Fashion! (Art Lab) by Sara Easterly

Fashion Studio: Lights Camera Fashion! (Art Lab) by Sara Easterly 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Fashion Studio: Lights Camera Fashion! (Art Lab)
Sara Easterly
Smart Lab (2007)
ISBN 9781932855630
Reviewed by Sophia (age 6) and Madeline (age 7.5) McElroy for Reader Views (1/09)


Sophia: It is really fun! I like making the fashions. I liked drawing them and coloring in the outfits. My favorite dress to draw is the ball and red carpet fashions. I learned how to draw faces, shoes and skirts.

Madeline: I was surprised how good I could draw the fashion stuff. We made paper dolls out of the fashion studio using yarn for hair, fabric for clothes and pipe cleaners for leggings. The book is good because it shows you how to create different fashion outfits. The light box is easy to use and you are able to trace the different outfits and that makes it look cool. My friend likes to create fashions with us too! I learned to draw different clothes and styles. I also learned how to make different hair styles, eyes, noses and mouths. This is a great gift for anyone who likes to draw or wants to learn how to draw.

Parent: What an awesome kit! I would have loved to have had this as a young person. I enjoyed doing the drawings as much (maybe more at times!) as my two daughters. The age is set at age 7+ and is a good recommendation. My youngest was 5.5 when we got it and she had a bit of hard time with the tracing of the silhouettes and such. But, she kept working at it and was able to do some amazing fashion! “Fashion Studio: Lights Camera Fashion!” by Sara Easterly is a wonderful art tool for endless fun and creativity. Every time we come back to it, we create something new and exciting. I can see keeping this in our house until the children are grown; maybe I will keep it for myself!


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