“Fangs, Fairies & Follies” by Jaybie D.

“Fangs, Fairies & Follies” by Jaybie D. 819 1024 Reader Views Kids

Fangs, Fairies & Follies 

Jaybie D.
Wonder Whirl Press (2023)
ISBN: 978-1961860179
Reviewed by Nadica Terzieva for Reader Views (05/2024)

“Fangs, Fairies & Follies: A Vampire’s Epic Tooth Fairy Chase” by Jaybie D. is a wonderful children’s story with likable characters and an easy-to-follow narrative. Silas, the vampire, is disappointed in his lack of fangs and goes on a quest to find the tooth fairy in hopes of getting the smile he wants. Through this quest, the reader follows Silas as he interacts with different characters while searching for the tooth fairy.

Throughout “Fangs, Fairies & Follies,” author and illustrator Jaybie D. includes many playful rhymes to describe the characters and their actions. By doing so, it turns the short narrative into a memorable children’s tale that is sure to be enjoyed by any reader. She also includes vibrant illustrations that add to the magic of the story and to the reader’s imagination.

The story is also interactive and asks the reader questions. In combination with the watercolor illustrations, the story asks the reader to point out what they see and think, making the experience of reading the story even more enjoyable for young readers. The combination of pictures, rhymes, and questions helps make the book entertaining for readers of all ages.

I personally enjoyed seeing Silas’ different facial expressions. They added a creative element to the already creative tale, and I imagine young readers would enjoy pointing them out and following Silas’ frustration and joy. The rhymes were also a very nice touch and made the story even more fun.

The book is just the slightest bit spooky with its reference to vampires and witches and it’s a great way to introduce these characters to young readers in a playful way. “Fangs, Fairies & Follies” could be a great story to read around the time of Halloween. By making Silas a likable character, he does not seem so scary by the end of the tale.

With its fun rhymes and interactive nature, Jaybie D.’s “Fangs, Fairies & Follies” is a story any child would like. It’s easy to read with just a slight touch of spookiness, making it fun and exciting for new readers. I would recommend the book to teachers looking to stock their libraries or families looking for a new book to read together.

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