Fancy Nancy: Let’s Get Fancy Together
Jane O’Connor
HarperCollins (2008)
ISBN 9780061576713
Reviewed by Madeline (age 7) and Sophia (age 5.5) McElroy for Reader Views (9/08)

We love the fancy glasses! We liked the purse; we pretended it was luggage for our trips around the world.

Madeline: There are a lot of cool ideas about making glasses fancy. I don’t see how they call this a book, because there aren’t any pages!

Sophia: I like the little book inside the purse.

Parent Comment:
This is a great accompaniment to the book “Fancy Nancy’s Favorite Words” by the same author. “Fancy Nancy: Let’s Get Fancy Together” by Jane O’Connor is a nice piece that got their imaginations going; that is always a good thing.

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