Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart By Jane O’Connor

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart By Jane O’Connor 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart
Jane O’Connor
HarperFestival (2009)
ISBN 9780061235962
Reviewed by Grayce Richardson (almost age 6) for Reader Views (03/10)

Grayce: “Cute…it’s Frenchy! I like that it’s dotty and hearty and I even like that it has stickers! It makes me want to make a card for my pets. I like how Nancy solved the valentine mystery by following clues back to her sister. I thought it would be the boy because boys kind of do that to girls. My favorite part is the stickers. It would be even better if it had more stickers and it would be even fancier if it had a fancier title. I just noticed something (yells) – she’s wearing pink nail polish!”

Parent’s comments:

Grayce has every other Fancy Nancy book and this didn’t disappoint. She clearly adored the idea of stickers with the book and exclaimed, “Wow!” when she saw how many there were. She loved the idea of a mystery and when I asked her to guess, she said it would be Nancy’s friend. Grayce said she would recommend “Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart” by Jane O’Connor to her friends, but she wouldn’t share her stickers.


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