Fancy Nancy: Every Day is Earth Day By Jane O’Connor

Fancy Nancy: Every Day is Earth Day By Jane O’Connor 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Fancy Nancy: Every Day is Earth Day
Jane O’Connor
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061873270
Reviewed by Sophia (age 7) and Madeline (age 9) McElroy for Reader Views (04/10)

Sophia: This is a story about Fancy Nancy being green. I like this book because it has stuff about being keeping the earth clean. This book has great ideas such as: by keeping the lights off in an empty room, turning off the computer when you are finished with it and turning off the TV when you are done watching it. Fancy Nancy gets herself in a little bit of trouble by turning things off before people in her family were finished! They were getting very irritated with her for being kind of bossy. She wasn’t trying to be bossy; she was trying to help the earth.

I like the fancy words because I like learning new fun words. The drawings are really good and pretty. I can’t choose one favorite part because I like the whole book.

Madeline: I think this is a great book for families to read together, especially if they don’t really know about recycling and being “green.” I think that young children will really enjoy the colorful, fun artwork. The Fancy Nancy books are really fun to read, but this is not only fun, it’s educational too!

We both recommend “Fancy Nancy: Every Day is Earth Day.”

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