Fairy Blossoms #5: Daisy and the First Wish
Suzanne Williams
HarperTrophy (2009)
ISBN 9780061139420
Reviewed by Grace Schaefer (age 8) for Reader Views (6/09)


In “Fairy Blossoms #5: Daisy and the First Wish,” each of the fairies sets out to help a human.  They help a mother by making toys, they make a gown for a girl, they transform a tin can into a fort for a boy and they help in lots of other ways. Daisy, the main character, helps a girl named Nina find friends.

Daisy chose to help a human girl named Nina who wanted to be a fairy.  Daisy couldn’t make her into a fairy so she had an idea to have her fairy friends come along to Nina’s school.  They transformed themselves into human girls and waited for all the kids to come out for recess.  The fairies played jump rope together with Nina, Hazel and Ruth until the girls had to go back to school.  The three girls went back inside, arm in arm.

I wish I was a fairy because it would be nice to do magic so I could help others.

I liked reading more about the fairies!  I want to read more!  They are fun, silly and cool!  “Fairy Blossoms #5: Daisy and the First Wish” by Suzanne Williams is very good.

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