Extreme Coral Reef! Q&A
Melissa Stewart
Collins (2008)
ISBN 9780061115752
Reviewed by Madeline (age 7.5) and Sophia (age 5.5) McElroy for Reader Views (2/09)


The pictures in this book are extremely cool! We learned a lot about coral and the ocean. Everyday we read two facts and we looked at our world map to see where these coral reefs were located in the world. This was a fun way to learn about coral. Our favorite disgusting fact we learned was about the Parrot Fish. He eats the coral; his body digests it and out comes sand! Parrot fish are responsible for most of the sandy beaches! It was really cool and weird to see the scuba divers using notepads underwater! “Extreme Coral Reef!” by Melissa Stewart is a great book for any age kids and grown-ups.


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