Ernest and the BIG Itch (Ernest series) by Laura T. Barnes

Ernest and the BIG Itch (Ernest series) by Laura T. Barnes 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Ernest and the BIG Itch (Ernest series)
Laura T. Barnes
Barnesyard Books (2002)
ISBN 9780967468129
Reviewed by Grace Schaefer (age 7) for Reader Views (10/08)

In “Ernest and the BIG Itch,” Ernest, Chipper and Sis become good friends.  Ernest and Chipper met when Ernest the donkey rubbed on the bird house pole.  Chipper was in the house and he came out to find out what the big jolt was.  The donkey had a BIG itch.

Together they found a tree so he could scratch and scratch—in the shade.  Ernest then helped clean up the bird house.  He brought hay for Chipper and Sis to fix their nests.  After they finished, they all watched the sunset together.

I like the drawings in “Ernest and the BIG Itch.”  They are funny and cute.  They make me want to laugh.  I have read two Ernest books and liked both of them.  The donkey is a good friend to everybody.  I can’t wait to read more about Ernest.

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