“Erift’s Journeys: The Dark Messengers” by J.T. Tenera

“Erift’s Journeys: The Dark Messengers” by J.T. Tenera 175 263 Reader Views Kids

Erift’s Journeys: The Dark Messengers

J.T. Tenera
Independently Published (2023)
ISBN: 978-1737682745
Reviewed by Ephantus M for Reader Views (06/2023)

“Erift’s Journeys: The Dark Messengers” by J.T. Tenera proceeds with the tale of Joseph Erift and Eric Castis from book one of Erift’s Journey, “The Sealed Forest.” In this text, the two characters are again confronting creepy and shadowy varmints, a dreadful encounter that is sending deathly chills through their bodies, as if the freakish critters transmitted nerve-wracking trepidation and misery from afar.

The duo had returned home a year earlier after spending time with the exceptional researcher, Professor Benjamin Thessit, who had demonstrated to them a truth they didn’t suppose could exist away from video games. They have once again received an invitation to visit him at the breathtaking Murean Islands, with the professor in his letter citing intimidation and trepidation regarding his esoteric findings. But no sooner had Joseph and Erick relaxed at the professor’s post than they got a cruel admonition from a bulky fellow, Martin Kass, the head of field operations from the Secretive Information Agency, regarding endeavoring to aid their host in his “wild theories” which would see his grant cut off and his position stripped. It would shockingly emerge that the professor had been working for the secret agency, which was now forcefully making him cave to its increasing pressure through life-threatening threats.

J.T. Tenera once again offers a thrilling read that sees readers visit familiar settings, where new threats are seeing doubt introduced regarding the trio’s resilience against ruthless individuals and formidable mystical aggressors. The storyline uncovers innumerable chaotic concerns that see the unleashing of in-depth mysticism that is both bewildering and seizing. It is a terrific read that brings magic to the open space as answers are once again sought regarding how magic came to be, why it was produced, and why it has come back. 

“Erift’s Journeys: The Dark Messengers” by J.T. Tenera can be read as a standalone imaginative fantasy story, owing to the author’s explicit praise of the first volume’s activities and adventures. It is fun to read, has brought up fresh characters, and is dazzlingly enticing from commencement to end. It is indeed a five-star text that will have one intensely anxious about its third installment, and what new experiences the author will offer.

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