Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: The First Adventure
Deborah K. Frontiera
Jade Enterprises (2004)
ISBN 9780975341001
Reviewed by Matthew Feliciano (age 7) for Reader Views (2/08)

In “Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: The First Adventure,” we meet a little boy named Eric.  He is very curious about nature and how it works.  He is playing outside when he sees an anthill and starts thinking about what was inside.  He swats mosquitoes and also threatens to squash a spider when it tries to eat an ant.

As he is playing, a leaf falls and it turns out to be a magic leaf.  Eric grabs the leaf and suddenly finds himself to be tiny and now trapped in the spider’s web.  The spider was about to wrap Eric in silk to eat him when a fairy appeared and stopped the spider from eating Eric.

The sky fairy’s name is Sophia and she teaches Eric all about nature.  She helps show him how hard ants work and how nature is not always fair. Eric learns about how he affects nature and says he won’t bother the ants again.

“Eric and the Enchanted Leaf: The First Adventure” was very interesting and had a lot of easy facts about some of the things we see in nature.  The pictures were also nice; they were bright and simple and helped tell the story.

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