Enthrall by M.R. Reed

Enthrall by M.R. Reed 150 150 Reader Views Kids


M. R. Reed
M.R. Reed (2014)
ISBN 9780990828617
Reviewed by Ben Weldon for Reader Views (07/15)

“Enthrall” by M. R. Reed is the story of seventeen-year-old Miles and his sixteen-year-old girlfriend August, as they progress through the teenage years of their lives and learn to cope with a mysterious power. Miles was a boy who never stood for anything in particular, and he never had a real girlfriend before August. Suddenly one day Miles realized that he could control people’s minds by staring into their eyes and ordering them to do something. For a boy in a household controlled by an alcoholic father, the possibilities were limitless. However, this power assuredly had the ability to corrupt him, and only his new girlfriend could help keep him in check. Will August manage to keep Miles in line, or will his newfound powers turn him into a monster?

Initially, Miles did very little with his power. When he used it, he usually used it unintentionally. However, he began to refine it into a tool of limitless potential. Originally using it to get his brother to do chores and to calm his enraged father, Miles never anticipated what else he could do with his abilities. When his father began to beat his mother while in a drunken fury, Miles could restrain himself no longer. Unleashing all his power upon his father, Miles created a downward spiral that could only result in his own destruction. Will Miles be able to control his powers, or is he doomed to oblivion?

The book was well written but left me with more questions than answers. It hinted of a grander backstory, but failed to tie the story into anything more than a glimpse of a teenage romance. The book was first and foremost a romance, secondly a science fiction novel.

The book had an incredible amount of foul language, sexual content, and drug and alcohol references. It was a relatively quick read and I finished it very shortly after I began reading. I would recommend “Enthrall” by M. R. Reed to people who like science fiction and teenage romance novels, and don’t mind the adult content, for a good quick read.

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