Emily’s New Friend By Cindy Post Senning, EdD and Peggy Post

Emily’s New Friend By Cindy Post Senning, EdD and Peggy Post 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Emily’s New Friend
Cindy Post Senning, EdD and Peggy Post
HarperCollins (2010)
ISBN 9780061117060
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader views (07/10)

Emily and Ethan are lonely. When Ethan moves to town, Emily is excited and welcomes him into the neighborhood. They are a lot alike and instantly hit it off! Their friendship has its ups and downs, but they learn to be kind, thoughtful and respectful of each other as well as others. Soon they are the best of friends and neither is lonely!

Madison: “The girl Emily and the boy Ethan were sad. They didn’t have anyone to play with. Ethan moves and Emily brings him cookies! They like each other. They were friends. They were nice to each other and liked to play together. They liked yellow. They were best friends because they like the same things and were kind and nice. They knocked blocks over together. They had lots of fun. I like all the colors! I would want to play soccer just like them. It’s great to have friends!”

Questions she asked: “What’s a noggin?” “Why are there two dogs?”

Mom: I really enjoyed this book. I feel the length gives you value for your money. Madison didn’t get everything in this book all at once. Instead, each time we read it, she grasped something new and different from the book. I really enjoyed the colorful illustrations. It was wonderful to read suggestions and helpful hints on how to be a good friend. It provokes your child to ask questions and gives the parent a chance to reinforce kind and respectful behavior. “Emily’s New Friend” is a wonderful book for children ages 4 -8.


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