“Elmer” by David McKee

“Elmer” by David McKee 150 150 Reader Views Kids


David McKee
HarperFestival (2014)
ISBN 9780062324054
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 8) for Reader Views (6/16)

“Elmer” by David McKee is about a patchwork elephant. Elmer is a bit different from the others; he has a lot of colors on his body, so he felt strange from the rest of his friends. They all look alike, some short, some tall, even their color was almost the same gray color. They all played and had fun with Elmer, and they were very happy. But Elmer was not happy and wanted to change. One day he had an idea and went to find a bush full of berries. He rolled over them and rubbed them all over him. When he looked the same as the other elephants, he went back. Nobody knew that it was him, and nobody laughed anymore. Elmer felt strange and cleaned up.

I love “Elmer,” it is very cute and very, very colorful. What I like about it most is how Elmer learned that you have to be happy with what you look like. And, that people who really love you will do the same.

A Note from Mom: “Elmer” by David McKee is a classic! Just be you and you will be happy! Love it, this story is a keeper for all ages.

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