“Ellie’s Car Kindergarten” by Lee Zee

“Ellie’s Car Kindergarten” by Lee Zee 369 499 Reader Views Kids

elliescarkindergartenEllie’s Car Kindergarten

Lee Zee
Words Art Vision LLC (2018)
ISBN 9781732587908
Reviewed by Serenity (age 6) and Eliana (age 8) for Reader Views Kids (1/19)

“Ellie’s Car Kindergarten” by Lee Zee is a special way to show kids that the first day of kindergarten can be a lot of fun. But what about the toys that you leave behind when you go to school? This funny book explains what happens to a stuffed elephant named Ellie, when her friend Sammie has to go to kindergarten, where stuffed animals are not allowed.

My sister and I liked how the story was about a stuffed elephant named Ellie, who had to pretend like school was in the mom’s car, while she waited for her friend Sammie to be done with kindergarten. We thought it was fun to search through all the pages for the heart that was hidden (some of them were really hidden good), and the pictures were really nice too. My sister, who is in kindergarten, thought all the things that Ellie the elephant did in the car were really funny. I liked how I could read the book to her as most of the words were easy to sound out.

My sister’s favorite parts were when Ellie the elephant made friends with three beautiful butterflies, and how she pretended jumping in the bags from the grocery store was like going to lunch in a cafeteria. I would have to say our favorite character in the book was Ellie the elephant because it was fun to imagine her doing all the funny things in the story.

We think all moms and dads and maybe grandparents too, should read this book to their kids, especially the ones going to a new place they have never been to before. “Ellie’s Car Kindergarten” by Lee Zee is a very cute book, that shows kids you can make any moment in your life that may seem a little scary, into a fun adventure. This is a great early reader book too as most of the words are easy to sound out, and you can tell by the pictures what is going on in the story. This is a great book that we are really glad we read.

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