ElfPetsElf on The Shelf EPSB Pets: A St. Bernard Tradition Plush

Chanda A. Bell
CCA and B, LLC. Publication 2015
ISBN 9780997092028
Reviewed by Evan (age 3), Sarina (age 4), Serenity (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (12/18)

What an adorable story for this holiday season. “Elf Pets: A Saint Bernard Tradition” by Chanda A. Bell is a delightful tale of the meaning of the Christmas spirit and includes a cute plush Saint Bernard puppy, which your child can adopt. During the holidays a Christmas star shines with faith, hope, and love. Without the brightness of the star of Christmas cheer Santa’s workshop cannot make toys, the elves can’t fly, and Santa’s sleigh won’t be able to deliver the toys. Who will be able to save Christmas?

My son Evan simply loved the little plush dog. While I was reading, he was so excited to find all the pictures in the book of the little Saint Bernard puppy he was holding. The kids liked all the brightly colored pictures, and since we have several Elf’s on a shelf, they were delighted with pointing them out in the story as well. Their two favorite parts in the book were when all the puppies came down the hill to help Santa save Christmas and how the little barrels on the puppies necks with a little gold heart on them, would collect all the gold dust of faith, hope, and love. They enjoyed how the story rhymed and were able to guess the rhyming word before I got to the end of the sentence. My daughter Serenity who is an early reader was able to pick out several sight words and sentences she could read. I liked how this story was not just about presents, but of the true meaning of the Christmas spirit. It was told in a way young children can relate to.

“Elf Pets: A Saint Bernard Tradition” by Chanda A. Bell is a delightful way to bring the Christmas cheer into your home and your hearts. I have watched my kids sit down by the tree with the Saint Bernard puppy and read the story, and each time they discover something new they had not noticed before. They loved looking at the illustrations as much as they did reading the story. We think everyone should make “Elf Pets: A Saint Bernard Tradition” by Chanda A. Bell a Christmas tradition in their homes every year.

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