Earth Day: An Alphabet Book
Gary Kowalski
Skinner House (2009)
ISBN 9781558965423
Reviewed by Cayden (age 5) and Max (age 3) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (10/09)


“Earth Day: An Alphabet Book” by Gary Kowalski celebrates all things nature in an alphabet format.

Cayden:  “I liked the pictures but I wish there were pictures of everything that they showed.  Like on the ‘A’ page it says ‘alligators, apricots, acorns, and apple trees,’ but they only show the apple tree and the alligator and not the other stuff.  Some of the things I didn’t know what they were and there wasn’t a picture – like the narwhal, but we looked it up on the computer and now I know what it is.”

Max:  “I liked the elephant and the flying fish!  I am learning my letters so this book is good for me!”

Parent’s comments:
We enjoyed the illustrations and creativity of the objects and animals that were listed for the different letters.  I agree with Cayden about wishing that there were illustrations depicting everything mentioned in the book.  I came across a few things that I didn’t know what they were and ended up doing an online search to see what they looked like.  Overall though, “Earth Day: An Alphabet Book” by Gary Kowalski is a cute little alphabet book exploring all things outdoors.

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