Dreamdark: Blackbringer by Laini Taylor

Dreamdark: Blackbringer by Laini Taylor 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Dreamdark: Blackbringer
Laini Taylor
Firebird (2009)
ISBN 9780142411681
Reviewed by McKenzie Tritt (age 15) for Reader Views (8/09)


Magpie Windwitch is not an ordinary faerie. She is a devil hunter. With her band of crows, Magpie travels the world in search of devils, which the silly humans have a habit of releasing from their bottles. Only Magpie has the power to return them to where they belong. But when ‘Pie discovers that a terrible new devil has been released, she’s not sure she has what it takes to seal it up again. This devil is unlike any other she has ever encountered. It’s dark and it’s threatening to unmake the world.

Magpie travels to Dreamdark, the deep forest where the other faeries live in happy seclusion. She hopes to find the answers to her many questions, including a way to capture this terrible devil.  All the while, the devil feeds during the nights of Dreamdark, taking his victims into the darkness. Magpie must look to a higher power for help: the Magruwen, the Djinn king. The Magruwen helped to create the world and weave the Tapestry in the beginning ages. Now, Magpie hopes that he can help save what he created before it’s too late. ‘Pie works to unravel the mystery of the frightening devil, the Blackbringer, and find out why it is full of such hatred and revengefulness. Others, old and new, join her in the race against time to stop this devil once and for all. Along her journey, Magpie uncovers secrets about herself and the past, both of which will help her fight for the future. Magpie must fight off the Blackbringer before it completely unweaves the Tapestry of Life, and the world along with it.

Laini Taylor has created a fascinating, unique fantasy story unlike any other. The idea and plot is incredibly original, drawing the reader in from the start. I was unable to put down “Dreamdark: Blackbringer.” Between the charming dialect that the faeries and crows speak, and the nonstop action, this was a real page turner. There was a little bit of everything that will please all readers: action, mystery, a strong female character, humor, and maybe even a little romance. Readers will be cheering on Magpie in her heroic quest to save her people from the Blackbringer. Laini Taylor’s “Dreamdark: Blackbringer” is a must read for all young adults.

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