“Dream Big” by Kat Kronenberg

“Dream Big” by Kat Kronenberg 474 500 Reader Views Kids


Kat Kronenberg
Greenleaf Book Group Press (2017)
ISBN 9781626343474
Reviewed by Evan (age 3), Sarina (age 4), and Mom for Reader Views Kids (9/18)

Could there be a more positive storyline than the one found in, “Dream Big” by Kat Kronenberg? We don’t think so! This hardcover, beautifully illustrated story takes place in the Savannas of East Africa, where the inhabitants are finding that they want to be more in life, but wonder if they have the courage to make it happen?

“Dream Big” is about a grouchy baboon and his inability to accept that we can be whoever we want to be if we only believe we can. His first encounter is on a starry night when he notices Caterpillar on a branch looking up at the stars. He was wishing he could be like a bird and fly. Baboon just laughed which made the Caterpillar very sad. But Caterpillar was determined to make his wish come true and would not give up even though Baboon said it was impossible.

During the story, Baboon meets several other creatures all wishing to be more, but he could still not accept that they could change. Only after seeing for himself that change is possible if you wish and believe hard enough, did he realize how foolish he had been.

Evan and Sarina both liked the butterfly and how his wings sparkled when he made his wish come true. They both listen intently and had many different questions about the characters in the story. They loved the brightly colored illustrations that seemed to jump off of the pages and would not let me turn the page until they finished looking at every little detail the pictures had to offer.

“Dream Big” was such a pleasure to read with my kids and what a wonderfully positive storyline. I think all parents would enjoy reading this story to their kids. All through the book Evan and Sarina were clapping and saying,” But I can! I Believe.” We have read “Dream Big” several times now and each time they will notice something different in the pictures or come up with a new question about the story. Their favorite part in the story was when the characters sat around the fire at night and made up a song for Termite.

“Dream Big”, by Kat Kronenberg is a very special book that should belong in every family’s home. The positive feeling you and your kids receive from this story is exceptional. We look forward to reading more stories by Kat Kronenberg.

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