“Dragon’s Shadow” by Allison Morse

“Dragon’s Shadow” by Allison Morse 215 346 Reader Views Kids


Allison Morse
The Wild Rose Press (2018)
ISBN 9871509222391
Reviewed by Mason (age 15) for Reader Reviews Kids (10/18)

In “Dragon’s Shadow” by Allison Morse, readers follow twins on a mission to fulfill their individual destinies.

Kylie is trying to live a normal and quiet life, even though it’s anything but that. Since her mother’s death when she was little and the breakdown that came after, Kylie has spent most of her time in and out of the residential placement center and dealing with the bullies who label her crazy. It doesn’t help that her uncontrollable anger only seems to validate that statement. The only thing that makes it bearable is her friend a/k/a crush Mark and the amulet her mother gave her before she died. Though to many the necklace may seem like a mere trinket, Kylie can’t help but remember the images it once showed her of a faraway land filled with dragons, and a prince that greatly resembles herself that she feels deep down she knows. But is this just another sign of her insanity or are these visions real and trying to tell her something?

In a magical kingdom called Hamadriad, Jarlon is a prince with the duty of protecting his people against dark forces. But with the citizens dividing themselves up within their own communities and the secrets the king himself seems to keep from him, that task seems to get harder every day. It’s not until an attack on his kingdom reveals the truth and turns his world upside down. Jarlon learns that he plays a much bigger role than just being a prince; he is destined to be the one to stop the dark forces threatening his world. The catch? One of these evils is his lost twin, taken away from this world to avoid that very prophecy, and he must kill her before she fulfills her own destiny and destroys them all.

“Dragon’s Shadow” by Allison Morse is a fantasy-filled story about 2 lost twins living in very different worlds and discovering the destinies that have been laid down before them since birth. The book describes a world just like ours and one that is anything but; a world filled with magical creatures, enchanting scenery, and an incredible kingdom. It’s always exciting thinking about a magical world existing outside of our own and I love reading books on such things. It was interesting to learn how such a world existed in “Dragon’s Shadow” though I wish there was more about how it coexisted with ours, and I really loved the Cortali, a race from Hamadriad. If such a world existed, I would definitely want to make friends with them and visit their beautiful homeland. I enjoyed reading the description of the scenery; it made it easy to picture exactly what it looked like. The moments where the main characters traveled to new places were my favorite because I felt like I was right there with them discovering those lands.

The personalities of the main characters were all unique from one another, but I wanted the story to focus more on them as it did with the action, to help develop those personalities. I felt a bit like I should have known them better by the end of the book. The story itself was sometimes too fast-paced and jumped places which caused me to miss out on information I felt like I should have known. I think I would have enjoyed the book more if it spent more time on building the characters and their background than on the plot. Nevertheless, I did enjoy reading it and if you like fantasy this will definitely be up your alley!

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