Dragon Skurfers II: The Wyvern by L. J. Libiran

Dragon Skurfers II: The Wyvern by L. J. Libiran 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Dragon Skurfers II: The Wyvern
L. J. Libiran
AuthorHouse  (2008)
ISBN 9781414013091
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 10) for Reader Views (6/08)

“Dragon Skurfers II: The Wyvern,” by L. J. Libiran, is the action-packed story of two teenagers, Zach and Gabriel Hunter, as they fight against the evil beast that threatens Morgowood.  When a strange creature from Morgowood’s past returns, the boys must defeat it or Morgowood will be doomed.  Can the brothers work with the elves to defeat this creature of times past?

In a freak snowboarding accident, Zach and Gabriel tumbled down a crevasse and landed in the fantastic elf-inhabited world of Morgowood.  Through a strange turn of events, the boys find themselves each bonded to a dragon.  The blood bonds with the dragons give them special powers to fight the evil beast, called the Wyvern, but may also prevent them from ever leaving Morgowood.  Zach and Gabriel are very likeable people and you will probably take to them at once.  The boys are snowboarding fanatics and use their snowboarding skills in battle and to strengthen the dragons’ wings.

The strange land of Morgowood is a place of mystery and magic where elves and dragons roam.  When the whiteness threatens to envelop Morgowood, Zach and Gabriel must recharge Morgo’s crystal or else Morgowood will become a frozen wasteland.   But in the process of recharging the crystal, a terrible evil is released – a wyvern.

Long ago the elves defeated the wyverns and killed them, but one wyvern was imprisoned in a void.  Hungry for revenge, it has plotted against the elves for countless years.  Now that it has been freed, it seeks to rule Morgowood with merciless greed and power.  With paralyzing venom and an army of lizard-like skaavs with oozy skin, spines, and claws, what could possibly stand in its way?

I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy and adventure.  This book is the action-packed sequel to “Dragon Skurfers,” but you need not have read the first book to enjoy this one.  “Dragon Skurfers II: The Wyvern,” by L. J. Libiran, was fast-moving and full of thrills but had no bad language or nastiness that some parents might object to.   I hope that everyone who reads this book enjoys it as much as I did.

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