Double Life by Dawson Vosburg

Double Life by Dawson Vosburg 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Double Life
Dawson Vosburg
D Productions Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9781435724280
Reviewed by Ben Hartman (age 11) for Reader Views (9/09)


“Double Life” by Dawson Vosburg was a fantastic science fiction novel that takes place in two different dimensions.  The first dimension, the real world, is where Josiah Jones, the main character, lives.  He is a normal thirteen-year-old boy living in a normal world.  His normal life changes suddenly when he picks up free sunglasses from the clothing store where he was shopping with his mom.  He puts on the glasses and is transported to a different world, the second dimension.  He quickly realizes this world is actually the world he has created in his imagination and is full of characters he made up himself.

But in the second dimension (his imagination come to life), there is a big problem.  RED is a large agency with its mind set on world domination of both dimensions. Josiah takes physical training in a hard two weeks so he can become a real BLUE Agent to help defeat RED.  BLUE agency is like RED, except committed to non-violence. Denise, the BLUE leader appointed Josiah leader of a group of BLUE agents to find and destroy the main RED base.  Will Josiah and his friends survive succeed?

“Double Life” by Dawson Vosburg was different than most science fiction books I have read because the main character gets transported into his imagination, and it becomes alive to him.  What is also cool about this book is that Josiah is a character in this book, but is also the author of this book because he is the creator of the second dimension.  I recommend this book to science fiction readers who like the concept of living in two dimensions.  This young author composed a detailed selection that is a very good read for kids aged 10-12 years.  My overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars.

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