“Don’t Judge a Bug by Its Cover” by Laura St. John

“Don’t Judge a Bug by Its Cover” by Laura St. John 480 500 Reader Views Kids

Don’t Judge a Bug by Its Cover
Laura St. John
Sky Sun Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9780578200880
Reviewed by Lydia Dehning (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (11/19)

In “Don’t Judge a Bug by Its Cover” by Laura St. John, Ladybug Lace is lonely and wants a friend or someone to be with. Lace flies all around, but always by herself. One day, she is flying and sees a handsome bug laying on his back. The bug is Mr. Roach, and he has been flicked off of some food at the park and has landed on his back. He can’t get up on his own, so Lace flies away and gets some friends to help him. All of her friends come back with her and they get Mr. Roach back on his feet again. Mr. Roach and Lace say goodbye because Mr. Roach doesn’t think Lace would like to be around him since he hears from other people that he is scary looking.

Not too long later, Mr. Roach hears someone yelling for help and sees Lace has her wing trapped. He helps her get loose. They both say that they have been thinking of each other since they left. Lace says that she would like to be with Mr. Roach. The two walk off together and end up getting married. I liked the pictures, how they are colorful and how they showed the bugs being nice to each other. I really liked the story because I like learning about bugs and I liked how they all got along.

A Note from Mom: Laura St. John has come up with a cute rendition of the saying “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover” by using two bugs as an illustration. Using the ladybug and cockroach was smart, as they seem completely opposite in appearance and how they would possibly act. To not judge people, or anything for that matter, on appearance is a valuable life lesson that has been told in this cute and fun-to-read story. The book comes in a sturdy hardcover with bright and beautiful illustrations to help with its enjoyment. 

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