“Donkey Dell” by Jaybie D.

“Donkey Dell” by Jaybie D. 819 1024 Reader Views Kids

Donkey Dell

Jaybie D.
Wonder Whirl Press (2024)
ISBN: 978-1961860216
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning and Lydia (age 10) for Reader Views (06/2024)

“Donkey Dell: A No & Won’t Book from Stubborn to Strong” by author/illustrator Jaybie D. is the story of a stubborn and selfish donkey.  He learns through his rebellious and closed-minded ways that when you think more open-mindedly and allow others to help, you will experience positivity and life will be much more enjoyable. Dell learns through his trials how to be a team player, how to think of others and the benefit of helping others.

Dell lives on a farm, but his expectations as a farm animal aren’t what he’d prefer. In a curious mood, he ventures out to explore but gets lost for an extended period. With the help of a friendly and helpful field mouse, he finds his way back to the farm and discovers his feelings about things are starting to shift. To solidify his change in heart, Dell visits the local circus. When the tent collapses, and the audience and crew are in danger, he uses his stubborn nature for the good of others and doesn’t stop until things are set right!

“Donkey Dell” is by award-winning author Jaybie D. She has a specialty, talent, and passion for all imaginary imagery among children. Her newest story, “Donkey Dell,” explains to the readers how it’s possible to turn a seemingly negative trait and use it positively, altering your and everyone else’s perception of the trait and self. The storyline is crucial and understood (logically and emotionally) by readers of all ages. The illustrations are colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

Note from Lydia (age 10): “Donkey Dell” is the story of a farm donkey who is lazy and stubborn with his thoughts and actions. After getting lost and being away from his farm for a while, he receives help from a mouse who shows him the way back. Then, Dell visits a nearby circus and likes what he sees, but he’s still unsure. The tent caves in, and to avoid worse things, Dell steps up and helps with repairs; he uses his stubborn thinking to get the job done instead of keeping it from getting done like he did before. Dell learns that when he does different and initially scary things, he has fun and enjoys it.

I enjoyed reading “Donkey Dell” by Jaybie D. because it is a good story with an important message. I can understand what it’s like to be stubborn or what it looks like to others – I can relate. I liked that he joined the circus and helped them rebuild the tent and that he ended up helping others when it didn’t look like he would at the beginning. Readers of all ages will like this story because anyone can learn to change their ways and be a better person. Anyone can learn to take chances, even when they are scared.

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