Do You Get The Feeling?: A handbook to facilitate emotional awareness and communication 150 ways to express yourself?Celia Rabberg
AuthorHouse (2007)
ISBN 9781425987794
Reviewed by Casey Holt (age 14) for Reader Views (3/08)

I thought this was a very good and helpful book. I used it kind of like a diary. At the end of each day, or if I felt a really strong emotion at that moment, I would open up “Do You Get The Feeling?” and flip to the table of contents, looking for feelings that fit me; then, I would then read the poem, see how it related to me, and circle or underline certain sentences that I felt STRONGLY about. Then I would put the date under the “notes” space.

I think that this book could help anyone, any age. A parent could use it with a very small child, maybe not actually READING the poem, but to help the child identify their feelings and emotions, possibly writing a poem with the child? Teens and adults could use this book alone or with a group. I showed it to my parents, and they thought it was very interesting as well. I am still working on the “Create your own poem.” I am sure that I will use this book in the future a lot. I hope that everyone can get a chance to have this book, “Do You Get The Feeling.”

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