Do Animals Have Feelings Too? (A Sharing Nature With Children Book)
David L. Rice
Dawn Publications (2000)
ISBN 9781584690047
Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 6) and Nana for Reader Views (12/10)

“Do Animals Have Feelings Too?” is a very cute and informative book about animals and if they have feelings. The underlying theme is about love, compassion and dedication. The pictures are realistic, giving some information about the animals and their habitat. This is a great book that will help children discuss their feelings.


“This was a good book to read. Of course, all animals have feelings – How do they know if they are in danger or love their kids? Lots of animals are killed because the people think they are dangerous – but they are only protecting themselves. I learned in school that if you don’t bother animals, they won’t bother you. Every animal has a reason to live here – just like people. That’s what my teacher said. I liked the pictures – they showed real animals and the colors were bright.”


“Do Animals Have Feelings Too?” is an excellent book for kids of all ages. This book encourages discussion with children about compassion, sharing and love. You will absolutely be amazed at what children will say. The pictures are realistic and colorful. Not only does it help children, it makes us as adults see where we stand. It encouraged Zoey to talk about taking care of animals and not abusing them; she said “If you aren’t going to love and be nice to your pets, then you shouldn’t have them.”


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