“Digger the Colony Worker Ant” by Christian Kueng

“Digger the Colony Worker Ant” by Christian Kueng 791 1024 Reader Views Kids

Digger the Colony Worker Ant

Christian Kueng
Atlantic Publishing Group Inc. (2023)
ISBN:  978-1620239193
Reviewed by Kenneth Onyenwe for Reader Views (11/2023)

“Digger the Colony Worker Ant” by Christian Kueng is an interesting children’s book that details the life of Digger from grass to grace. Digger is a worker ant who lives with a nasty stepmother, Shantelle, and stepbrothers, Dante and Grant, who are bullies.

In another colony, Queen Lantina stepped down for her daughter, Princess Antilles. But before Antilles’s ascension to the throne, the queen organized a dinner party, which would serve as an avenue to pick a handsome husband for her daughter. If you want to know who the lucky bridegroom would be and the circumstances surrounding the selection, grab the book!

“Digger the Colony Worker Ant” has an interesting message to relate: destiny can be delayed, but not denied. The illustrations in this book make it very interesting and create a perfect picture of the scenarios being discussed. This book is very short, concise, and interesting. The story in this book is well-developed and has a lot to say about the author’s storytelling prowess. At some point, I felt sympathetic for Digger due to the treatment from the stepbrothers and stepmother. Another thing I find interesting about this book is the simple wording, which makes the message transfer easily.

Furthermore, I think the author put in a lot of effort while doing justice to the title of this book. The character development, plot, and editing of this book are top-notch. My favorite part of this story was when the Lady God Bug performed her magic that turned Digger from a wretched-looking worker ant to a prince charming. Lady God Bug is definitely a favorite character. She was the angel Digger needed to change his situation for the better.

This is a wonderful children’s book. I recommend “Digger the Colony Worker Ant” by Christian Keung to early and young readers between the ages of 6 to 12, and kindergarten teachers as well. Parents will also find this book interesting because it can serve as a perfect bedtime storybook.

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