Darok 9 by H. J.Ralles

Darok 9 by H. J.Ralles 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Darok 9
H. J.Ralles
Top Publications (2002)
ISBN 9781929976102
Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 14) for Reader Views (4/08)

Life in 2120 A.D. is much different than you would expect.  People live in huge domelike cities called Daroks, water is rationed severely, and to top it all off, everyone lives on the moon.  After a nuclear war, humanity left a polluted earth, divided the moon into four quadrants and built the Daroks.  Then there is Hank Havard, a First Quadrant scientist who is working, along with his assistant Lydia Grant, on a drug called SH33.  This drug, when administered correctly, gives one the ability to survive without water.  Hank and his Lydia had been working in a first quadrant laboratory and had been attacked by the dreaded fourth-quadrant. When they attacked, he had put all his research on two memory cards.  They had escaped on the Bullet, or lunar subway, and had ended up back in Darok 9.  Upon arriving at his apartment Hank discovers that Lydia has been severely beaten. He then heads to his nephew’s house and asks him to copy the memory cards.  Can Hank, with the help of his nephew Will and Will’s friend Maddie, find out who is trying to steal SH33.  And, when Will is injected with a tainted version of this drug, can he find out fast enough.

In this book of stolen government secrets, foreign conspiracies and double agents you will be so enraptured that you won’t be able to put the book down until it’s finished.  H.J. Ralles writing style is unique in that it keeps the reader excited and attentive while leaving room for character development. “Darok 9” is for readers who enjoy science fiction or books about post-apocalyptic happenings.  Look out for H.J. Ralles next book, “Darok 10.”

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