Darok 10 (Moon) by H. J. Ralles

Darok 10 (Moon) by H. J. Ralles 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Darok 10 (Moon)
H. J. Ralles
Top Publications (2005)
ISBN 9781929976317
Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age 14) for Reader Views (4/08)

“Darok 10” begins when Rachel’s boss Dr. Gunter Schumann mysteriously vanishes from Darok 9.  The Daroks are colonies on the moon.  There are 10, and Darok 10 is the largest and the capital. This and the sudden disappearance of Will’s mom, leads Will, along with his friend Maddie to Darok 10, where they travel in hopes of finding the truth. Then there is the disturbing calling sign of a past nemesis.  When Will is also kidnapped, Hank and Maddie team up to find out where Will is and what is going on.  With old enemies and new, government plots and the threat of lunar war hanging over their heads, Hank and Maddie will face incredible challenges.

This book, with its plot twists and lots of action, make for a great read.  H.J. Ralles writing style keeps you going and excited throughout the entire book. “Darok 10” is for readers nine and up who enjoy science fiction and space travel.  Also be sure to read “Darok 9.”

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