Dark River (Warriors: Power of Three, No. 2) by Erin Hunter

Dark River (Warriors: Power of Three, No. 2) by Erin Hunter 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Dark River (Warriors: Power of Three, No. 2)
Erin Hunter
HarperCollins (2007)
ISBN 9780060892074
Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 10) for Reader Views (2/09)


“DarkRiver (Warriors: Power of Three, No. 2)” by Erin Hunter is the story of three cats – Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw, all apprentices in Thunderlan.  The hard decisions that these three cats make will shape their fate and that of their clan.  With problems shaking the clans to their roots, dangerous secret alliances and mysterious prophecies are revealed.  How will the clans react to each other and their surroundings when no one and no clan can be trusted?

When Hollypaw finds out that Lionpaw is breaking the warrior code and meeting with a Windclan apprentice, she threatens to tell their father and clan deputy, Brambleclaw, about his forbidden meetings.  Will Lionpaw be able stop meeting with his Windclan friend, or not?

When Jaypaw and all the medicine cats from other clans travel to the Moonpool to receive dreams from Starclan, Jaypaw discovers that he can enter other cat’s dreams.  Later when he returns to the Thunderclan camp, he reveals to the clan leader that Windclan will be attacked by dogs.  How will Firestar (the clan leader) respond to this news?  Will he attack Windclan as Jaypaw recommends or will he help Windclan?

Erin Hunter has written many Warriors books (a whole three series) about four clans of cats that have constantly changing alliances and even wars.  The cats’ ultimate enemy is the twolegs (humans) who have destroyed the cats’ original habitat and continue to terrorize the cats and threaten them with monsters (cars, bulldozers etc…).  The books are all very good and are so well written that you can just pick this one up and read it without having read the preceding books.  This book, like all her others, ends with a cliffhanger and you will be reaching for the next book.

I would recommend this book to people who like animals (especially cats).  I really liked this book.  Once I read the first few pages I could not stop reading.  “DarkRiver (Warriors: Power of Three, No. 2)” by Erin Hunter was a good book and I think that readers will find it intriguing and suspenseful.

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