“Dark Clowder Cats” by Ruby Knight

“Dark Clowder Cats” by Ruby Knight 683 1024 Reader Views Kids

Dark Clowder Cats

Ruby Knight
Mosh Pit Publishing (2023)
ISBN: 978-1923065550
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (11/2023)

“Dark Clowder Cats” is an utterly compelling novel in the fantasy young adult genre penned by the award-winning author, Ruby Knight. A suitable standalone, the text is book two in the Clowder Cats series. In a world where felines thrive, the author introduces us to a young kitten, Storm, whose mother had died giving birth to her.  Her father is considered a great hero in the large collective of cats known as High Clowder. At High Clowder Cadet School, Storm was having difficulties complying with the training requirements including the three main rules. She eventually gave up trying to do so.

When she is charged with a difficult mission that she unwillingly obliges to, Storm realizes she has more skills to offer. The clowder is under serious threat and the stakes are high. Knight takes readers through the world of cats as she writes about the adventures of Storm and other cats such as Bushytail. Secrets unravel, doubts arise, danger beckons, and the cats’ unique challenges play out across the pages along with Storm’s personal journey of self-identity to discover the power within herself to lead others. The artistry within the covers lies in the symbolism, providing emotional cues to readers with the deeper story mirroring modern society making it relevant to today’s genre.

“Dark Clowder Cats” is the kind of novel that makes you live inside the story, become friends with the characters, observe their mannerisms, and experience a world little known to humans. Knight’s skill of anthropomorphizing the felines makes the book shine by expressing vivid imagery through evocative wordplay. There is much to savor in this text. The characters are smartly drawn with every character bringing their own uniqueness to the plot and the sizeable amounts of dialogue employed do not override the action scenes.

It suffices to say that animal fiction is certainly a technique that few authors can master. Ruby Knight masters this impeccably. Voracious readers of adventure stories and books with animal characters will delightfully savor the contents of “Dark Clowder Cats.”

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