Dare to Dream! by Carl Sommer

Dare to Dream! by Carl Sommer 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Dare to Dream!
Carl Sommer
Advance Publishing, Inc. (2007)
ISBN 9781575370736
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) for Reader Views (1/08)

What is the importance of having a dream? Not a dream like one you have when you are sleeping. It is more like a dream of what you want to do when you get older. You could say a vision for your future. A young boy named Roy is asking his dad where he is going. His dad tells him that he is going to visit his brother Alvin who is in prison. Young Roy doesn’t understand why his Uncle Alvin would be in prison while his Dad is a successful doctor. Why is it that both of the boys have such opposite lives even if they have the same parents?

In order to help young Roy to understand why Alvin’s life took such a drastic turn, he tells him a story about a time when his grandparents made quite an impression on him and his friend Jesse. Roy’s dad and Jesse were approached by some boys who wanted them to join a gang and “be protected.” Roy’s grandparents explain to him why gangs aren’t a very good place to make friends. His grandparents tell him why it is important to have a dream for their success in life. Grandma tells them the stories of how some famous Americans like Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Helen Keller and others have taken their lives in poverty to become successful. A visit to a hospital and meeting someone who had already goofed up his life is an eye-opening experience for the young boys except for Alvin who doesn’t want to listen to their valuable advice.

Carl Sommer has written a terrific book for kids. This book will give young readers insight into how their choices in their childhood and teen years will impact their lives as adults. This is an awesome book which I think all kids should read. Even the more advanced readers could learn something about the importance of daring to dream! “Dare to Dream!” is written in a very easy-to-read and understand style which will appeal to many. Your dreams can make a difference!

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