Daniel X: Alien Hunter: A Graphic Novel by James Patterson

Daniel X: Alien Hunter: A Graphic Novel by James Patterson 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Daniel X: Alien Hunter: A Graphic Novel
James Patterson
Little, Brown Young Readers (2008)
ISBN 9780316004251
Reviewed by Neha N. Kashmiri (age 14) for Reader Views (1/09)


When he was three-years-old, Daniel’s parents were murdered while he was in the same house. But he escaped… by turning into a tick. Daniel inherited both his parent’s powers to create something from nothing and The List of Alien Outlaws. Now, older and in Tokyo, he’s going after Number Seven on the list.

While spying on Number Seven, Daniel finds out that Number Seven has a son. Daniel has never had friends or family not counting the ones he can make up with his mind. Daniel and Kildare become friends, only to find out that Kildare is nothing but another part of Number Seven. Will Daniel lose the only real friend he’s ever had?

This is another adventure of Daniel and his not-so-real friends – this time in comic book form. The illustrations are beautiful and sometimes they were more interesting to me than the story. But, if you like Sci-Fi and James Patterson’s “Maximum Ride” series, the comic “Daniel X: Alien Hunter” is highly recommended.


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