“Daniel: Being Number 3” by Peter Pactor

“Daniel: Being Number 3” by Peter Pactor 175 262 Reader Views Kids

Daniel: Being Number 3

Peter Pactor
Friesen Press (2022)
ISBN: 978-1039157439
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (1/2023)

“Daniel: Being Number 3 is the eighth book in the Daniel Series. The story begins with Chester Daniel French Alexander, AKA Daniel, as an elderly great-grandfather. A biographer is recording the events of Daniel’s early life as Daniel reflects on them.

At this point in his young life, Daniel has four adopted sons and four wards, but he is looking to expand his family. He continues to work at Cornwall boarding school and with his business of helping people. For such a young man, Daniel deals with some gritty topics, such as child abuse, bullying, alcoholism, and homosexuality. He handles each topic with respect and diplomacy for those involved. Daniel has a lot of wisdom to offer those who are a part of his world and his faith carries through each of his lessons. As an elderly man, Daniel expresses the importance of having love in your life over the material things. There is a valuable life lesson in there for readers of all ages.

When I read this series, I think about Daniel as a character who is living a life that many of us fantasize about if we won the lottery. His situation is a bit different in that he comes from wealth, but through his father’s wealth, he has created even more. He uses his wealth and his compassionate heart to reach out and help those in need. This would be my dream if I had the resources to do so.

The protagonist’s character goes much deeper than that, in that he also provides life lessons for the people that he takes under his wing. His faith is strong, and it carries over into how provides advice. This is also apparent with the meaning of “Being Number 3.” This has to do with how we should prioritize others. Number one is God, Number 2 is everyone else, and Number 3 is yourself. As I read, I feel that these valuable words will resonate with readers. Just as with the other books in the series, “Daniel: Being Number 3,” offers more than just a fictional escape. There are plenty of lessons conveyed here that can be carried over to our current issues today.

Readers who enjoyed the other books in the Daniel Series will not be disappointed with “Daniel: Being Number 3.” This is highly recommended reading, especially for young adults who enjoy a bit of history. It can be read on its own, but if you read the whole series, you will gain a greater understanding of Daniel’s background and his current path.

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