Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes by H.M. Forrest

Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes by H.M. Forrest 333 499 Reader Views Kids

Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes
H.M. Forrest
Shadow Forest Publishing (2019)
ISBN 9781951459017
Reviewed by Maddie (age 12) for Reader Views Kids (03/2020)

I love fantasy stories, so I was excited to read, “Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes” by H.M. Forrest. The book is a collection of stories about elves and is divided into three parts, each part with stories about something specific of the elf world.

Each story was fun and entertaining, and I enjoyed learning about how elves live. There is also one lesson the characters learn in each story. For example, Part One is ‘Colliding Lands’ and the three stories in this part have to do about how the elf world and the human world collide.  But also, in each story the characters learn a different lesson, like when Marian and her brother Andrek learn not to go to the corn fields ever again.

The author has a big imagination not just creating the Elf world with their customs, and their names and all that, but also, in the troubles the characters get into, and the things they do. Because of this the stories are very entertaining, suspenseful and even funny.

I think the author writes very well, because I did not want to stop reading, even when I finished a story. I always wanted to start the next one right away. I think my favorite character was Tador in ‘One Bad Muffin!’ because he was mischievous but fierce when he needed to prove to his father that he was right. But I really like all the other characters in all the stories too. I just related with Tador because I am also stubborn when I know I am right.

In all I think “Dangerous Doorways are for Elfling Princes” by H.M. Forrest is an awesome fantasy book about how elves live in their little world, and their adventures. It is entertaining but also has positive messages for the kids’ reading them, even being about a fantasy world.  I recommend this book to all elf fans and kids who love fantasy stories around age 10 and up.

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