“Cuddled and Carried” by Dia L. Michels

“Cuddled and Carried” by Dia L. Michels 374 499 Reader Views Kids

Cuddled and Carried
Dia L. Michels
Platypus Media, LLC (2018)
ISBN 9781930775985
Reviewed by Lydia D (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (12/19)

“Cuddled and Carried” by Dia L. Michels is a book about different kinds of animal moms, and the nice things they do for their babies. There are lots of different kinds of animals in this book, like pandas, wolves, manatees, dolphins, orangutans, koalas, otters, elephants, seals, penguins, flamingos, foxes, and polar bears. Each of the moms is doing something nice for her baby, like cleaning, cuddling, snuggling, carrying, and feeding them. Most of the pictures are animals, except for the last page, which shows a human mommy and her baby. I like seeing the mommies being nice to their babies. I like that the pictures are pretty and the words are kind of easy to read. There aren’t a lot of things going on in each picture, so it is easy to tell what is happening. I like learning about animals, so this book was a fun one for me to read.

A Note from Mom: This is a precious book that shows the loving bond between mommas and their babies, not only for animals, but also for us humans. Toward the end of the book, the subject of moms nourishing their young is mentioned, and a picture of a human mother breastfeeding her baby is shown after a picture of a polar bear with her cub; I believe this is a great way to show that despite people’s misconceptions about breastfeeding, it is truly the way to get the best supplements to your child at such a young age, and what mother doesn’t want to provide the best for their child if able? “Cuddled and Carried” has few words on each page, so it is a great book for really young kids who you might be reading to, or those in the beginning stages of reading independently. We recommend this book to reinforce the idea of it being okay to “love on” your mother, as they never tire of it!    

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