Crossing 13: Memoir of a Father’s Suicide by Carrie Stark Hugus

Crossing 13: Memoir of a Father’s Suicide by Carrie Stark Hugus 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Crossing 13: Memoir of a Father’s Suicide
Carrie Stark Hugus
Affirm Publications (2008)
ISBN 9780981593807
Reviewed by Neha Kashmiri (age 14) for Reader Views (9/08)

What would you do if your mother or father suddenly committed suicide? In today’s world a teenager has to deal with looks, friends, school and family. How could you manage with a felo-de-se?

“Crossing 13” is an authentic account of a thirteen-year-old survivor of a father’s suicide. Carrie Stark Hugus writes honestly and courageously about her experience. “Crossing 13” is an incredible book relating to the events before and after the suicide. Suicide is always a touchy topic and Carrie Stark Hugus handles it with care.

The book includes several sections in the end like: Grief Support Tips, Understanding Suicide, and Facts and Statistics.

I have never had anything like a suicide of a loved one happen to me, so I can’t relate.  All I know, as a blissfully unaware person, is that something like that happening to me would be terrifying and traumatic. It must have taken a lot for Ms. Hugus to cope and, more so, publish her experience. I recommend “Crossing 13” to everyone and especially anyone who has had this happen to them.

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