Crimilia By Meredith Leigh Burton

Crimilia By Meredith Leigh Burton 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Meredith Leigh Burton
Tate Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9781617399817
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 10) for Reader Views (5/11)

Young, blind Hannah Welkins is taking the bus home with her friend Brandon, who has a broken leg, when a deer runs in front of the bus and they find themselves in world unknown to anyone. This place is called Crimilia. They are both taken through a room. Hannah hears chirping birds and squawking. She hears big doors open and is pushed into a room and then the doors are shut. She then hears a beautiful but angry voice say “Come, come here. Speak up!” She and Brandon take a few steps closer. He says “Um… I’m Brandon, and that’s Hannah.” Then she says “Ah, Hannah and Brandon. Well, I am Queen Salak. Queen of Crimilia! Now, Hannah, you will work in the bakery. And Brandon, you can help deliver stuff with Ursula and Mendell.” Hannah quickly spits out “Work in the bakery?! Are you crazy?! And him! You want him to help deliver food?! I want to go home!” Queen Salak stares at her with spite “I am a Queen, I order you to. Griselda! Bring Hannah to the bakery and get her started on making bread. And go find Ursula!”

Hannah can’t believe what’s happening! She walks into a room with lots of delicious odors. Griselda then says “Alright, you can start by kneading the dough; then when you’re done, you can wash the dishes.” At first Hannah is just standing there thinking, then Griselda flicks her head and she gets to work.

“Crimilia” is based on the story of Adam and Eve, Jesus dying, and Jesus rising from the dead. So, this is a Christian book inspired by those stories. I think its real cool that the author used biblical stories. I think people who like God and are a Christian would like this book. Kids my age up to about 13 or 14 would like this book. It would be good for younger kids too. I think, even though it has no pictures, the book describes the stuff a lot so you kind of get the picture in your head. “Crimilia” is a long book to read, but it’s worth it!

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