Maranda Russell
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781533327437
Reviewed by Willow Cramer (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (3/17)

“Creepy, Funny & Just Plain Weird,” by Maranda Russell is about stories and poems that are kind of creepy, weird, and funny. They have monsters, parents, and killer meatballs in them!

I like that the book is cool. My favorite story was Mean Green Gus. This story is about a bus driver that is really mean to children. One day, he tried to kidnap the kids by saying, “You aren’t going home today! There would be no more cookies, no more pies, no more laughing, no more songs, no more anything, no more anyone.” Gus has green hair that boils like boiling water. He was so gross! He wanted one of the children to shave his back hair. What they had to do to beat him is why this is my favorite story—the children sing “Happy and You Know It” to beat him! It’s funny, and creepy, and just plain weird!

Another story that sticks out to me is Last Halloween. This is a CREEPY story, though not funny or weird. He was in the old graveyard and saw something glowing. There was a ghost he couldn’t see through, who asked him to come with her. What he sees scares him, but not me.

There are also a bunch of weird poems, like a poem called A Dog Named Cat! It’s hilarious!

I didn’t like the first story, Killer Meatball, though I’m not sure why.

I would recommend “Creepy, Funny & Just Plain Weird,” to other girls my age because they would enjoy it and not be creeped out by it. Boys, though, would be too creeped out to like it! If Maranda Russell wrote other books like this, I would read them.

My daddy and I couldn’t agree on what the cover page was supposed to be. I think it’s a face (but I’m not sure why the title had to cover it). My daddy wasn’t so sure.

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