“Craven’s Hallow: The Girl Under My Bed” by Andrew Autrey

“Craven’s Hallow: The Girl Under My Bed” by Andrew Autrey 642 1024 Reader Views Kids

Craven’s Hallow: The Girl Under My Bed

Andrew Autrey
Lulu.com (2023)
ISBN: 978-1304902665
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (11/2023)

“Craven’s Hallow: The Girl Under My Bed” by Andrew Autrey is a horror novel for children with a twist of mystery. We begin with main character Alex Savini listening to “Haunting Hunters,” his favorite ghost-related podcast. Alex loves everything to do with ghosts and anything haunted. He fancies himself a ghost hunter and has the equipment for it. Daniel is Alex’s brother, and they are opposites in this regard. Daniel is apparently afraid of everything, and he’s into art and nature. They’ve been opposites about scary things their entire lives.

Alex is looking forward to the new place they found, called Dilly, because he’s hoping to discover some haunted places there. Dilly seems to be the average small town, but something is going on in Craven’s Hallow that is mysterious, if not horrifying. The house looks creepy, and could it be there’s something terrible under his bed?

Autrey gives young fans of horror and mystery something fresh and energetic. You may think you know what’s going to happen, but the surprises along the way will keep you guessing. The characters of Alex and Daniel are fun and natural, and readers are immediately drawn into the story on the very first page. This is a compact book that tells a great story, and the author wastes no words.

The story plays out through dialogue and action. You’ll find yourself caught up in the mystery and suspense from the minute Alex finds a drawing of a girl when he accidentally goes into a girl’s bathroom. With the drawing is a caption that reads “She is coming for you.” I like that the author doesn’t give things away too quickly, even the voices, shadows, and other mysterious events. This will keep readers turning pages.

Another point of appeal is the sense of humor, especially in the dialogue. This book isn’t what you’d call heavy or deep reading, as it’s for children, so the pace glides along smoothly, and young readers who have experienced what it’s like to move to a new town and be the new kid at school will relate. There are more startling and spooky happenings, but I won’t give them away here. Let’s just say it has a satisfying ending. If you’re looking for the perfect scary fiction for young readers, treat them to “Craven’s Hallow: The Girl Under My Bed” by Andrew Autrey.

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