Cowherd Boy and Weaver Girl (Enchanted Tales of China) by Teri Tao

Cowherd Boy and Weaver Girl (Enchanted Tales of China) by Teri Tao 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Cowherd Boy and Weaver Girl (Enchanted Tales of China)
Teri Tao
Golden Peach Pub (2008)
ISBN 9781930655027
Reviewed by Genevieve Chatel (age 8) for Reader Views (12/08)

This book is a retelling of an ancient Chinese myth. It is about a goddess named Weaver Girl and a poor boy named Cowherd Boy. They fall in love but can’t be together almost all year except for one night. They get split across the Milky Way. I think the story was exciting and romantic.

My favorite part of the book is when Cowherd Boy and Weaver Girl fall in love. My favorite character is Weaver Girl because she’s brave and very beautiful. If I was Weaver Girl, I would have been very disappointed because she picked the wrong day to get married. That’s what started the curse.

The illustrations are cool because they look like they are actually from a cartoon movie. The pictures feel very Chinese because to go along with the Chinese myth. At the bottom of every page there is Chinese writing. Even though I don’t read Chinese I know they read from right to left and I thought it was neat that I could see the Chinese writing and keep it forever.

It was easy to read, but not too easy that it wasn’t interesting. I like this book because I learned about a different country’s culture and because I like to learn about myths. I would give “Cowherd Boy and Weaver Girl” by Teri Tao 5 stars!

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