Counting Sleepy Sheep (with CD) by Rory Zuckerman

Counting Sleepy Sheep (with CD) by Rory Zuckerman 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Counting Sleepy Sheep (with CD)
Rory Zuckerman
Little Lion Press (2007)
ISBN 9780979639333
Reviewed by Cayden (age 3.5) and Max (age 20-months) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (4/08)

“Counting Sleepy Sheep” is a sturdy bedtime board book that explores numbers 1-10 through a fun rhyming story about a little boy who can’t sleep so he tries counting sheep.  The book also has an accompanying audio CD that reads the story and has a sheep “Baaaa” so little ones know when to turn the page.

Cayden:  “Cool!  This book has a CD!  Mom, can we listen to the CD and read the story after you read it to us?”

Cayden:  “He can’t fall asleep.  I always can’t fall asleep every night.”

Max:  “Sleep!  Bed!”

Cayden:  “Look, there is the number 4!  And there is the number 5!”

Cayden:  “She is fixing the wagon wheel with a wrench!  I have a wrench in my toolbox!”

Max:  “Tool!”

Cayden:  “He is playing hoop ball!”

Cayden:  “Max- look!  That sheep’s name is Max too!”

Max:  “Max!”

Cayden:  “My favorite page was number 2 because I was 2 after I was 1.  I also like 3 because that is how old I am now.”

Parent’s comments:
My children absolutely loved this book, both with me reading it and listening to it on the CD.  The illustrations were very eye-catching and the rhymes were a lot of fun.  Cayden especially liked identifying the numbers printed on each sheep and trying to get Max to repeat them after him.  He also felt like a “big boy” listening to the audio CD because he could do it all by himself as there was a sheep “Baaaa” when it was time to turn the page.  He listens to it over and over again counting along with them.  “Counting Sleepy Sheep” is a very fun educational book and we highly recommend it!

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